I think with some sadness that I won’t be running anymore Tales events. I started it as there was an absence of that kind of event in Oxford, the first one went down well but then life got tricky, for me & everyone else, COVID, lockdown, my job ended suddenly (the joys of agency work). I found myself moving for work, trying to run a couple of things online (I’m far from the most tech savvy person around) & with the last one I realised that while there was a lot of satisfaction in seeing people have a good time I wasn’t having a good time.

I’ve met a lot of lovely people, thank you to everyone thats been a part of it, those that helped organise, promote, ran games, did talks, sessions, Oxford on board for running the board games, Bowlore for medieval bits, traders, the companies that supported us with prizes for a raffle and you great people that came along as attendees.

This could not have been possible without all your help.

We made some money for Homeless Oxfordshire & we had a good time doing so, I think that’s fair enough.

The good news is that there are lots of great mini (& not so mini) cons out there, go & support them. If you don’t have any local to you, maybe start one, involve other people, start small, maybe raise some money for charity, there are lots of great people out there willing to help.

Hope to see people at cons in the future where I fully intend to be enjoying my time as an attendee.

Main Organiser Tales from Dreaming (& Screaming) Spires

That’s Tales from Screaming Spires done for this year, we raised £561.88 for Homeless Oxfordshire, I’ve just posted this up on social media & will happily lay out the costs here at some point but right now I’ve decided I’ve earnt some falling over onto the sofa time, be back real soon.




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Tales from Screaming Spires

  • Tales from Screaming Spires
  • COVID – whilst there is no government advice to wear masks sadly the world is not free of this, please get your vaccinations, I can only ask people to be sensible & reasonable. It’s up to individuals if they wish to wear a mask, there is no enforcement or judgement whether you do or not. As with all our events please treat everyone with respect.
  • Allrolled.co.uk are offering a pre-order service, you can pre-order with the code, get 10% off and then pick it up at the minicon so no postage! Head over the stalls page via the link above for more details.
  • An in person TTRPG, Boardgame & associated hobbies Mini-Con
  • TTRPG sessions are bookable via Warhorn now, once they’re gone they’re gone so get stuck in
  • Saturday 22nd October 2022
  • Recommended age 15+, TTRPG sessions have individual age restrictions & tags, use of X-Cards.
  • Come as you are or as you want to be – Fancy dress/Cosplay welcome, be your character if you wish to be!
  • West Oxford Community Centre, Oxford, OX2 0BT, right around the corner from Oxford Train Station, good transport access, disabled access & the Tumbling Bay Kitchen & Cafe open from 10am to 4pm
  • Tickets costs £10 & you can register at Warhorn on the link below (you’ll have to create a Warhorn membership first & thats free!)
  • https://warhorn.net/events/tales-from-screaming-spires
  • Boardgames courtesy of Oxford on Board (no booking required)
  • Medieval experience with Bowlore Medieval (no booking required)
  • Stalls: All Rolled Up, Dice Comics, Fumble Folks
  • Talks on TTRPG
  • Raffle tickets available on day
  • Tickets are non-refundable, the event is run purely at cost
  • Once all costs are covered any profit goes to charity
  • https://homelessoxfordshire.uk/
  • Want to help? Contact us on Twitter @FromSpires or Facebook Tales from Dreaming Spires

If you like the Tales artwork why not pick up some merchandise, all profits go to charity.



2019 & individuals in the Oxford Roleplayers Group, seeing the numbers of players rise, considered it would be rather cool if we had a mini-convention to celebrate & indulge our hobby. With no experience & an abundance of enthusiasm we hired the East Oxford Community Centre, enticed other enthusiastic people to celebrate the hobby & on Saturday the 18th January 2020 the first Tales from Dreaming Spires event took place. We kept it to 120 tickets, we didn’t sell out but we did more than break even (which was more than we expected), everyone had a great time and we managed to raise more than £200 for a local charity – Homelessness Oxfordshire (you can find a link at the bottom, they’re great people). Then of course we all met Covid, two more events occurred online, one of which “Tales from Screaming Spires” is our horror & mystery based event. With a long wait & a lot of thought we’re looking forward to our latest event being in physical space once again.



This is Stephen, he’s the main organiser for Tales from Dreaming Spires
(There is currently more grey and less flowers, damn his vanity).

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